Quick Camps Australia

Mobile Camp Solutions for Any Project

What Sets Our Quick Camps Apart

Our custom-built mobile camps will cater to the practical side of your operations and the wellbeing of your team. We understand the importance of staff retention and will provide a modern personal space for your personnel to unwind at the end of their shift.

Improved Safety

Quick Camps allow your workforce to start and finish closer to the job site and reduce the amount of driving before and after shift.

Improved Timelines

The mobile trailer units mounted camps are quick to relocate and rapid to set up.

Improved Set Up Costs

Remote mobile camps are plug and play, so no Sparky’s, no Plumbers, no Chippys’, no Cranes, no Semi-Trailers & no Earth Movers are required.

Improved Project Profitability

Quick Camps minimises your workforces unproductive commuting times, increasing daily productivity and significantly reduces the number of light vehicles required onsite.

Improved Environmental Impact

The mobile camp units small footprint are low impact on site and do not require site clearing or digging to establish, providing a perfect solution for environmentally sensitive areas.

Improved Staff Retention

These evolved mobile camp facilities built in 2020, provide a modern, air-conditioned personal space for all staff and contractors to unwind at the end of their shift.

Who We Are

With 30 years of remote camping experience we specialise in providing turnkey mobile camps for remote 8 to 50 person projects throughout Australia.

From temporary exploration, construction camps to accommodation overflow due to mining shutdowns, our remote, mobile turnkey camps offer a comfortable and enjoyable space to live throughout the life cycle of your project.

Remote Turnkey Camps

Designed and built by drilling and exploration professionals, Quick Camps Australia provides expandable turnkey mobile accommodation and catering options to support some of our most remote and demanding industries.

Quick Camp 8 Person

Quick Camp 12 Person

Quick Camp 20 Person

Quick Camp 28 Person

Quick Logistics

Quick Camp’s will help you meet your critical timelines via our transport and logistics solutions services.
We understand that your Project relies on your goods being delivered regardless of the location. Quick Camps will get your goods to your project safely and in a timely manner – anywhere in Australia.
Quick Camps coordinates the logistics between a carefully selected group of industry proven road and air freight companies throughout Australia to ensure your goods get to your project on time and in budget.