Field notes from Quick Camps CEO James Gibson.

February turned Western Australia into a furnace. Perth got a brutal taste of what Pilbara folks live with daily. In sweltering heat like this, when the unexpected takes hold on remote work projects, you need solutions – fast.

That’s when Quick Camps steps in.

One late Thursday afternoon we got a phone call from Michael Boyes, Operations Manager for Water Corporation’s West Pilbara region. A surprise breakdown had thrown a wrench in his whole operation. It was more than a headache – it could derail the project, even impact Water Corp’s vital services.

Michael needed a camp, and he needed it yesterday.

Quick Camps swung into action. Following the phone call on Thursday afternoon, Michael had a proposal on his desk early Friday morning. Mobilisation started that evening. But there was a catch: Our team had to leave Perth Monday, get hold of a Quick Camps expandable camp from an east Kalgoorlie lithium project, then haul it back to the north west coast.

Long story short?

After a 7,500-kilometre marathon, the Quick Camps crew hit Onslow right on schedule.

The camp was set up, the Water Corp was crew in — all within seven days of that first frantic call.

Mick jokes that our competitors probably still haven’t even returned his messages. By the time the Quick Camps team finally limped back into Perth, they’d clocked 12,800 kilometres, burned through 3,000 litres of diesel, and probably set a record for roadhouse cheese sausages eaten.

They deserve a rest… but no luck.

At the time of writing these field notes, Tropical Cyclone Lincoln has just made landfall. It’s soaked the Northern Territory. Flood warnings are everywhere.

And the storm’s path? You guessed it – straight towards Western Australia.

Back we go.

To be continued…!

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