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Quick Camps invests in a brand new fleet of purpose-built camp servicing Land Cruisers.

At Quick Camps, we’re always looking for ways to better serve our clients and meet the demands of businesses operating in Australia’s vast and rugged outback. That’s why we’re excited to announce a major investment in a brand new fleet of four purpose-built Land Cruisers, specially outfitted to provide camp maintenance and installation services to remote sites across the country.

Our new service crews are made up of trade certified workers hand-picked from backgrounds in the drilling and exploration industries. This means they bring direct experience operating and maintaining camps in some of Australia’s most far-flung locations. This combination of top talent and tough, capable vehicles is the perfect one-two punch to reliably service camps no matter how remote.

The impetus behind this move is part of Quick Camps’ ongoing strategy to diversify our service offerings. We’ve carved out a new independent company dedicated solely to the mobilisation, installation, and maintenance of any and all remote area camps — not just our own Quick Camps camps.

While Quick Camps has had an in-house service team in the past, we saw an opportunity to turn this capability into a standalone service that we can offer to third-party camp providers across all sectors including emergency services, outdoor education, exploration and mining, oil and gas and infrastructure projects.

There is constant demand for professional remote camp servicing, but a limited number of providers able to support these temporary operations in hard-to-reach areas.

By investing in a new fleet of four Land Cruiser crew trucks, we’ve given ourselves a mobile platform to deploy highly-skilled camp service professionals anywhere in Australia they’re needed. The Land Cruisers give us unparalleled off-road capability combined with the towing capacity to transport all tools, supplies and equipment to make camp installations and repairs a seamless process.

Our target with this new service is to attract business from other camp providers who need reliable maintenance and installation support, without having to develop that capability in-house. We’ll handle camp servicing so they can focus on their core business, while knowing their accommodation facilities are in good hands.

This is an exciting evolution for Quick Camps as we take another step to being an end-to-end service partner for remote area operations around Australia.

Bring on those rugged job sites!

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