Quick Camps Come to the Rescue: Uranium Exploration and Mining, South Australia

With nuclear energy back on the table as a viable and secure long-term energy source, uranium exploration and mining are in full swing across the globe. Here in our own backyard in Australia, we have around one-third of the world’s uranium resources and active exploration projects. Exploration teams need somewhere to stay, which is where Quick Camps comes to the party.

Quick Camps has been supporting the Heathgate Resources uranium exploration operations in South Australia since 2022 with a long term camp set up for their exploration workers. Heathgate, a uranium mining company owned by the US-based nuclear company General Atomics, owns and operates the Beverley and Beverley North uranium mines. The mines are located in the Frome Basin about 550 kilometres north of Adelaide in South Australia — a beautiful area of country close to the Strzelecki Track.

As a side note, when you work in remote areas of Australia, you get to learn about some of the local history that you’d otherwise never know about. Here are some fun facts about The Strzelecki Track:

The track is named after the Polish explorer Pawel Edmund Strzelecki who was one of the earliest European explorers of the Australian mainland in the 1830s and 1840s. The track is a rough, unsealed road of over 500 km in length, reaching from Lyndhurst up to Innamincka. The track became well known as an overland route in 1870 when cattle thief, stockman and drover Harry Readford stole 1,000 head of cattle from a remote cattle station in Queensland and drove them down the Strzelecki Track. He sold the cattle at Blanchewater Station before fleeing to Adelaide. Pastoralists have used the track as a stock route ever since.

Establishment of a Long-Term Exploration Base Camp

Heathgate’s exploration teams operate all the way from the northern Flinders Ranges up into the Moomba gas field. Quick Camps was initially called in to deploy a 24-person base camp to support their outer exploration camps. Over the years we’ve added additional offices and bathroom facilities.

The base camp gives the workers a comfortable place to stay in between exploration trips which has increased staff retention and reduced unnecessary travel in environmentally sensitive areas. The teams have worked closely on pastoral stations with their owners, forming great relationships over the years.

Lithium Exploration and Mining, Western Australia

Liontown is a Western Australian ASX100 listed company that produces battery minerals like lithium. Quick Camps has been supporting Liontown’s projects during the exploration and pre-feasibility stages of a Tier-1 lithium mine in Kathleen Valley, WA, between Leonora and Meekatharra. First production is targeted for mid-2024.

Quick Camps initially established a 16-person base camp at short notice to support exploration and pre-feasibility teams (rapid deployment strikes again!). The camp has now been extended to a 24-person camp. Extra modules have now been installed for construction workers who are building the permanent site camp over the next six months. Alongside comfortable accommodation that provides a sanctuary for on-site workers, Quick Camps has also coordinated catering services so that workers have great food while deployed on site.

As we always say: We take care of your accommodation needs and the wellbeing of your staff so you can focus on getting the job done.

Nickel, Copper and Platinum Group Elements (PGE) Exploration, Mangaraoon, Western Australia

Quick Camps is proud to be supporting Dreadnought Resources’ exploration efforts in the Gascoyne Region of WA. The Mangaroon JV is a first mover opportunity covering around 5,200sq kms of land south-east of Exmouth. The site has emerged as a globally significant, rapidly growing, potential source of critical minerals.

Quick Camps helped to get the Dreadnoughts exploration team set up with a base camp in the upper Gascoyne region where they kicked off their exploration.

We’re excited to be continuing the journey with them throughout the rest of this year.

Picture courtesy of Dreadnought Resources

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