“With its majestic red cliffs and cascading waterfalls, there is no place quite like Karijini National Park.”

— Environment Minister Reece Whitby

When the Cook Government decided to deliver a $16 million infrastructure boost for Karajini National Park in WA’s Pilbara region, Quick Camps jumped into action. The new infrastructure upgrades to Karajini include a new lookout at Knox Gorge and 41 km of sealed road to boost access to and between Weano Gorge, Karajini Eco Retreat and Dales Gorge. By sealing key access roads, it’ll create a smoother journey for park visitors, allowing cars and coaches to travel safely to and from the spectacular gorge sites.

A February start meant that the construction crew needed to work through the hot summer months, in demanding conditions. Quick Camps installed the biggest air conditioning system possible into the trailerised kitchen, complete with walk-in cool rooms and 180 cm ovens.

WARNING: Cyclones and Heavy Thunderstorms Expected!

Within days of setting up camp, on February 24th, ex tropical cyclone Lincoln rolled through the area and wiped out major parts of the camp. The client needed to be back in action within two working days to stay on schedule with their tight deadlines. Our team was on the ground within hours and after working through some major challenges, got the camp back up and running within the two-day time frame.

When our team needs to pull together and deliver a result, we get it done!

Highly Sensitive Environments Require a Sensitive Approach

Given the high eco sensitivity of Karajini National Park, careful consideration was given minimising the impact on the surrounding natural environment. With The Department of Biodiversity and Conservation paying close attention and monitoring the successful and safe installation of the camp, we needed to get this right.

Key features of the eco friendly set up included:

  • Minimal site disturbance: We carefully chose sites that had already been impacted or disturbed to reduce the need for vegetation clearing or soil compaction, avoiding sensitive habitats and riparian areas.
  • Use of temporary and removable structures: Our mobile camps are lightweight, prefabricated, and modular structures that can be easily assembled and disassembled, leaving minimal traces on the site.
  • Off-grid energy solutions: Our setups rely on mobile generators to meet the camp’s energy needs.
  • Water conservation: Our camps implement water-efficient practices with low-flow fixtures and rainwater harvesting.
  • Wastewater management: Our camps use mobile, trailerised black and grey water treatment systems that eliminate the use of vacuum waste removal companies (saving lots of money).
  • Waste management: All our camps have a waste management strategy that uses the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, providing separate bins for different waste streams and proper disposal or recycling.

Keeping Your People Safe

All Quick Camps set ups in remote areas are fitted with extra lighting to keep workers safe at night. All doors and windows are security grade so your workers can sleep with peace of mind.

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