Got Remote Work to be Done?

Don’t Rough It, Deploy a Mobile Camp

When your work takes you far away from cities and towns, finding good accommodation for your workers can be a major challenge. Whether you’re managing a remote construction project, managing exploration teams, responding to an emergency, or leading an outdoor education program — having a comfortable base camp is crucial for productivity, safety, and morale of your personnel.

That’s where mobile camps from Quick Camps come in.

Our turnkey service provides fully outfitted and self-contained accommodation units that can be rapidly deployed virtually anywhere. No more roughing it in tents or making do with substandard lodging. Quick Camps brings you all the amenities of a modern housing unit, adapted for off-grid living.

Tough, Towable, and Easy to Transport

At the core of Quick Camps’ operations are our ruggedly built yet highly mobile camp units. Designed to be roadworthy yet compact, each module weighs under 3,500 kg, allowing it to be towed long distances by a heavy-duty truck or SUV like a Ford Ranger or Toyota Land Cruiser.

Despite their relatively lightweight construction, these units are built tough with steel framing to withstand the rigours of transport over rough roads and terrain. And once on site, they require minimal time and effort to unhitch and set up.

Fully Serviced Installation and Operations

But Quick Camps doesn’t just drop off the units and wish you luck. Our full-service package includes complete on-site installation by trained personnel. We’ll handle the connection of utilities like water, electricity, and waste management so you have a fully operational camp from day one.

The turnkey service eliminates the need to coordinate multiple contractors and trades. There’s no waiting around for plumbers, electricians, carpenters and others to complete their respective tasks. Quick Camps’ “plug and play” solution means your camp can be up and running in as little as a day.

Rapid Deployment, No Matter How Remote

We have a proven track record of mobilising our mobile camps incredible distances on short notice. We’ve deployed units over 4,000 km away within just one week of first contact with the client.

No job is too remote for our experienced logistics team. If you need accommodation for a project or operation in an extremely isolated area with little infrastructure, Quick Camps has the capabilities to make it happen rapidly and seamlessly.

Perfect for Emergency Services and Emergency Response Teams

Emergency Services

Our unmatched rapid response time is critical for emergency situations like natural disasters where temporary accommodation is urgently needed to support first responders.

Our team at Quick Camps has deployed our camps to the Queensland fire and flood emergency response services, with full-service camps up and running at the scene almost as fast as it takes to drive there.

More Than Just Comfortable Accommodation

While accommodation units are the core product, Quick Camps offers a variety of complementary assets to create a comprehensive mobile camp solution. From mobile office and storage units to water treatment systems and power generators, we supply everything needed to establish a self-sufficient off-grid basecamp.

Our camps can be used for a diverse range of applications including:

  • Remote construction sites
  • Emergency response and natural disaster relief
  • Mining and resource exploration operations
  • Military training exercises and forward operating bases
  • Outdoor education and elite athlete training camps
  • Seasonal tourism workforce housing
  • Film production remote locales

No matter how austere or extreme the environment, Quick Camps can build out a fully functional residential camp with amenities like bathroom facilities, kitchen/dining areas, recreation spaces, and more.

Don’t Compromise on Comfort and Safety

For personnel working long rotations at remote job sites, comfortable housing is essential to stay productive, healthy and mentally resilient. Quick Camps’s mobile units provide climate-controlled sleeping quarters along with space for living, relaxing and cooking nutritious meals.

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