Quick Camps Australia

Our custom-built turnkey camps will cater to the practical side of your operations and the wellbeing of your team! We understand the importance of staff retention and will provide a modern personal space for your personnel to unwind at the end of their shift and feel closer to home.

With 30 years of remote camping experience we specialise in providing turnkey portable accommodation hire for remote camps from 8 to 32 person throughout Australia.

Quick Camps specializes in the design, manufacture, and assembly of camps and remote accommodation for mining and construction companies throughout Australia. Our goal is to offer the technical and economic solution that best suits the specific needs of each client’s project.

Based on our clients project scope, we use different camp construction systems depending on the requirements of each project, the programmed lifetime of the camp, temporary or permanent nature, type of environment, climatic conditions, or land on which it will be installed.

We offer “turnkey” portable accommodation hire that can include the execution of all the necessary kitchen facilities and auxiliary works, as well as the supply of furniture and equipment. We have even developed photovoltaic solar energy generation systems that allow the camp to operate autonomously without connection to the power grid.

Looking for a trusted Australian turnkey camp solution provider contact us today for a no-obligation quote – [email protected]